99 Ford Explorer


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99 Ford Explorer

I have a 99 Ford Explorer Sport with 71000 miles. My question is about the radio system thats in the truck. I hope someone can answer. I would like to know if it's wise to use the factory speakers and just put in two 12's in a box with two amps and a cd reciever. One amp to hold the 12's and another to hold the factory speakers. Is it wise or should I just get 4 6x9's. I'm tring to install this weekend, so any replies will be helpful.
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It's wise to leave the stock system as is because:

1) You keep the original wiring integrity there (cut wires ask for shorts and electrical gremlins).

2) Large boxes in the back invite breakins, robberies and theft of either the contents or the vehicle.

3) Electrical overloads can come from add on equipment not properly done.

4) The stock system will just do so much (and that's plenty for 99% of the population). Putting better speakers with a stock radio will not really help.

My vote is to leave it as is. If you are hell bent on upgrading, I'd go with whatever crutchfield.com has, their stuff is top notch.
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Your charging system was engineered to the load that the car came with. Adding all that electrical load will inevitably lead to battery and alternator problems.
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even if a put a 1200 watt amp to it
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Desi501's point is, where is the amp going to get its power?

You did ask so here is my 2 cents. If you feel that a stereo upgrade is needed I would only add high end speakers that fit the existing cutouts in the truck. No doubt the factory system is short on power even for those that like their music just a little above the norm but in almost every case where these monster systems are added it is nothing but trouble. If you want real music quality high end 6x9's would shame an over powered system with twelves. Now, if you want the super sub bump thump thing I say 1000 watts and the twelves is the way to go. While your at it you could get a third small amp to power your hearing aid in the future because when your about 50 you won't even be able to tell whether your system is on or not.

So you don't think I'm some over the hill, don't have a clue prude who thinks high fidelity is a transistor with a 9v, I have been in and around music all my life and I like it loud but 1200 watts through 2 twelves with a pair of sixes in the front is hardly a balanced situation....Mike
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I think the verdict's in that leaving it alone would be the way to go....

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