91 plymouth acclaim


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91 plymouth acclaim


I have a plymouth acclaim running over 230k and the little things are starting to go. The heating element for the rear windshield doesn't heat, a window track is being stripped and, just as i've gotten heat for the first time in 3 years, the instrument panel light (the light that lets me see how fast i'm going when it's dark) just stopped working.

I can handle the window track (i think). But any advice on how to get the others working? I'm pretty much a newbie at this sort of stuff, but I have taken off door panels, replaced stereo speakers and such.

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The rear defogger could be anything from a bad switch to a shorted bus bar bad relay, or a break on the glass---you'll have to get a repair manual and dig into that a bit.

The window regulator is probably a stripped plastic gear and that's common. The dash lights could be bad bulbs or sockets.

Again, time for a repair manual (Chrysler one is the best) so you can intelligently delve into this. Ebay usually has these OEM manuals cheap.
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in a pinch, you can head to your local library and photocopy the wiring diagrams you need, with these and a voltmeter or a testlight, you can pretty much narrow the rear defogger problem, just find the connectors and look for voltage AND ground. or just take a test light to either end of the grid and look for power and ground on the glass itself. (does the switch 'light' light up?)

for the dash cluster, it's just a few phillips screws and some awkward wiring connectors behind it. remove the whole assembly and the bulbs just screw right out of the rear and is a somewhat easy job

describe better what the window is doing, and is it power or manual?
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thanks for the help!

The light does light up when you push the button for the rear defogger, so it has to be a wiring problem somewhere, or else the whole grid is down or something.

I have printouts from alldata (from the library) to remove the front assembly, so that'll be fun

the window is manual and when you roll it down, about 1/3 of the way down, the window stops moving and you can hear the handle clacking as you turn it. At that point, you push down on the window and it easily shoots down another third, then you can roll it down with the handle. going up, it goes fine until the top 1/3, where you need to put a hand on either side of the glass and lift, it goes up fairly easily and then the last inch or so you can use the handle for.

I've looked in on the track when i took the door panel off for new speakers and the gears are stripped on the track right at the section where you have trouble rolling the window.

I'm getting the haynes book on the plymouth acclaim from a library tonight, so i'll look into all this and hopefully know what i'm doing on my next day off, thursday.
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Let us know what you find....

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