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On my way to work today I came across a school bus fire.

It was one of those B Series Dodge Vans and it was dripping fuel and slowly engufling in flames. I stopped along with another guy (it's amazing how people can drive right by these things). The woman was too nervous to call 911 so I did. And the FD responded in 5 minutes with the needed equipment.

Fortunately the driver, matron and one student got off OK. The woman wanted to go back to retrieve her things.

Never, never, never, ever, ever, ever retrieve something from a burning vehicle. As it turns out she got her stuff back just fine. The NYFD had it out in 10 minutes and the bus was wasted.

In talking to the driver she said she just got it back a few days ago from being serviced. Looks like someone left something loose or something was rubbing somewhere. No one could react in time to kill the ignition which would have helped the flames subside.

NYFD was in there in a heartbeat and cut the cables to the battery and fanned out the flames with foam. The bus is totalled and the lady was worried about getting in trouble.

Bottom line, your life is more important. Let it burn, baby burn. Nothing you can leave behind is worth your life.

Fortunately everyone is OK and all's well.....glad that I as well as the other gentleman stopped to help.

Kudos to the NYFD for a fast response. If anyone out there is a fireman, my hats off to you. Good job.
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Joe, nice thing you did, unfortunetly in our society people are to preoccupied with themselves and are worried about being sued. When I see people in trouble if I can get off the road safely I always try to help, it's the right thing to do.
My hats always off to the FD
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That's the trouble, people always think someone else will help. Good thing ya did, Joe. So the bus was running during the fire!(running for a little while anyway since you said they didn't turn it off?)
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Wipers going at delayed speed, and ya it was running. The driver said she didn't think to turn off the ignition

Since it's fuel injected, gas was flowing. Had it been shut off, maybe it would have not gone up like it did and minimized the damage. She probably panicked.

Main thing---everyone is safe. The vehicle can be replaced, a person's life can't. The other Samaritan that showed up before I did said to her the same thing when she was worried about her personal belongings in the van.
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I stepped into a burning room...thinking it would be OK because it was a small fire.

Wrong...there was not enough air too breath and the air was searing hot. I was lucky it was only two steps backwards to get out.

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One more thing while I'm thinking about it...


One drop of gasoline on the bulb and you have an explosion and fire.

I have seen more than one mechanic badly burned working underneath a car on the fuel system because of a stupid drop light.

...another thing... always wear COTTON clothes. These synthetic uniforms will melt and fuse with your skin...making the burn very much worse. Looking good is one thing... risking a more serious injury becuase of a stinking uniform is another. OSHA should outlaw these uniforms.

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Good points. In 1982, my grandfather moved out of his shop area (barber shop) to go work with his brother (my uncle).

Subsequently, a cab place took over the area. Burned to the ground due to gas getting on a trouble light.

Safety first!

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