Surging feeling in 95 cavalier


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Question Surging feeling in 95 cavalier

1995 chev cavalier 2.2 360,000klm's. YES 360,000klm's it runs like a top. I just bought it from a co-worker it is all highway driven and one owner that has been well cared for. It just passed the emission test and if the numbers were any lower it would be zero. Anyway at around 70klm's per hour I get this surging or bucking feeling but at highway speed it is not there. It has been mentioned to me that it could be the EGR valve. It has been recently tuned up plugs, wires not sure what else. It has has the fuel system flushed. Does an poor EGR sound right to you guys?
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very likely could be an egr try disconnecting the vacum line going to it or electrical plug in if it is an electical egr, and test driving to see if you still notice the surge if its gone you should replace the egr. check engine light will likely come on when test driving the vehicle with egr disconnected.
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Agree with BeJay. Start there.
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EGR was the problem!

Great going guys. I did as suggested and unplugged the vac line the surge went away. So I will replace it this weekend. Now any suggestions on an oil filter combo that will help quieten up the engine. With 360,000klm's it is a little noisey at idle. I'm not much for oil additives but I am open to suggestions! Thanks again for the EGR advice.
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Once a clatterbox, always a clatter box. Those engines are inherently noisy from day #1. Leave it alone and just change the oil regularly. If anything, a little Marvel Mystery Oil will quiet it down.

The car will be long gone from other problems before that noisy valvetrain gives you any real world problems.

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