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Question automotive

I have 2001 ford escort and for some reason every once in a while the blower goes out. Heat/ac and all. Fuses appear to be fine every time I check. Any ideas would be great!
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2001 vehicle, covered by the factory warranty. Dealer's problem, not yours.

Bad motor, resistor, wiring, etc. Let the dealer handle it free.
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2001 doesn't mean it is under warrenty--could be over the mileage limit.
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True, but no mileage presented here, and those problems should not be happening on a 2001 vehicle.
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thanks for the info

I thank you guys for the info and wanted to say that I pulled the resister and it is all corroded and the smaller of the two wire harnesses which go to it was all melted. Do you think that it is only the resister which is bad or perhaps a short farther up the line? I'm gonna go ahead and replace the resister anyway and hope thats all it is. Once the electrical goes past minor complications I'm kind of in the dark. Thanks again for the info guys.
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I've got an older Escort that had the same problem
Turns out the blower motor is under the dash on the passenger side-real low-like passenger's feet kept bumping the electrical connection and causing it to short out, melt and disconnect low
I ended up changing the connection and taping it out of the way
Well, as much as I could, it really is right there on top of your sneakers!
It seems like such a bad spot for a connection I can't believe that they would still be putting it there, but it's worth a check
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yea unfortunatley the blower is still under the passenger dash and still in the way of your sneakers. Stupid place indeed. I ordered the resister and the wire harness which were rediculously priced of course. Oh well the price you pay for your beloved car to work well.
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Where did you get the parts? Some aftermarket companies have these parts.

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