New Timing Belt!--Sharing my Story


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New Timing Belt!--Sharing my Story

With much help and guidance from my brother-in-law, I sucessfully changed the timing belt in my 97 Honda Accord. All things considered, it wasn't that bad. But it also was the first time I've even peeked under the hood, let alone done anything mechanical.

A few random thoughts on the whole thing...

1. The OEM manual suggests using a special tool for holding the crankshaft pulley when removing and installing the pulley bolt. My bil just laghed and ended up using some sort of rubber strap wrench. The thing looks like a bigger version of what my grandma uses to open jars.

2. The crankshaft pulley bolt was incredibily tight. My bil's impact wrench didn't even budge it. So my bil heated it with a torch for a few minutes. After it cooled down, the thing practically jumped off.

3. I think the hardest part of the whole thing was the lack of space to maneuver. A few of the bolts were almost completely hidden. My bil is a professional mechanic, so he's developed a kind of "feel"--he's able to put a wrench on a bolt without seeing it. I'm no where close to that.

All in all, I loved every minute of it. I know I'll never turn a wrench for a living, but I can't wait to learn/do more.
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I'm glad all worked out well for you.
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Nice job. You did the right thing:

1) You got the needed help.
2) You planned out the job.
3) You got the right manuals to do the job.

Formulas for success. About the only other thing I would have done is changed the water pump to avoid the possibility of double labor if it leaks.
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Right, I forgot to mention that. We changed the waterpump, all three seals, thermostat, and belts while we were at it.

Speaking of the waterpump, it didn't look as though there were a lot of moving parts, so I was surprised to hear that it's such a common problem.
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Mainly for insurance and peace of mind because if it goes, it will soak your new timing belt with coolant in most cases, ruining all the good you did .

You did the right thing .

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