can i tow a pop-up with a Grand Caravan?


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can i tow a pop-up with a Grand Caravan?


We have a 2003 Grand Caravan EX with the larger engine (can't remember the size though) and we bought a pop-up listed at 2500 lbs. GVW.

Can we tow it safely and not ruin the car? Should we do some basic modifications first like a transmission cooler?

Any and all opinions welcome just don't tell us to buy another vehicle, we can't.
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the owner's manual should state what you can and can't tow. it's a little more forgiving if you don't encounter any major hills, however, in mountain driving, you might be pushing it. there is a D.O.T. law somewhere with the max weight of a trailer without it's own brakes, don't exceed that limit or you will open yourself to a ton of liability.

towing adds heat to everything in the car. if it already has a factory 'external' trans cooler(not the standard one inside the radiator), you shouldn't need another one. be prepared to change the oil every 3,000 miles and not one mile over that. i'd wait until about 12,000 miles before trying synthetic, it will handle the heat much better. the factory trans fluid is already synthetic, and you should stick with that ONLY, follow the 'severe' maintenance schedule for that.

watch the temp gauge and be prepared to turn the a/c off if it starts creeping up, especially on hills.

i'm hoping you have a 3.3/3.8L

i'm also hoping you bought an extended warranty, like a 'max care' plan from the dealer, it's good nationwide and is completely hassle-free, unlike all aftermarket extended plans. also, it's not too late to buy one, my brother bought his just before he hit 36,000 miles(he paid a small fee for waiting so long though)
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I'd call both the trailer company and Chrysler and simply ask them. Chrysler should be able to tell you, the Vin # will tell them what equipment it has and what it can handle.

A good dealer service department should be able to go the extra mile and help you too.

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