1984 Cadillac Seville Diesel H20 Problem


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Question 1984 Cadillac Seville Diesel H20 Problem

Ladies and Grents out there-

I have a 1984 Diesel Seville 5.7 L V8 It has new cooling hoses, water pump, radiator, new radiator cap, thermostat removed and belts are ok.

Two weeks ago driving from Tucson to Phoenix, on I-10 car started to overheat. I found resevoir was backing up with fluid. I have been told head gasket is bad, causing air to suck in and coolant not flowing properly. I also think the fan may not be working right, and this is older style with puleys, etc. Bubbling into resevoir occurs whether the engine coolant is cold or hot, so fluid needs to be added. When car is started is gives off varying levels of white smoke, mechanic says it is due to water on the cylinder head. Also, it is hard to start in the morning (in AZ temp in early am is 45-50); but will start later in the day when temp is 70-80.

I have tried silicate based block sealer, and sealer (Bars Leak - C16 type) with no luck, added through radiator. In fact the color of resevoir fluid is still rather green. Car overheats after 40 miles of hwy driving (or less). Air bubbling into radiator overflow resevoir continues unabated.

Any quick fix ideas? If it does need head gasket, how hard is it to do? Do head bolts need to be replaced with new ones? Does head warping happen and should it be machined? Is it worth doing. Car is in very good condition overall and looks almost new, and income is limited, so if I can fix with help of friend it would be best. Any links to a manual that may help on repairs? I would like to try easiest fixes first of course. Since it is 1984 diesel, does anyone know if I need parts where a bone yard or suplier might have them in Arizoana between Phoenix and Tucson? Thank you for any help.
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The head gasket is shot. And the rest of the engine is now gooed up with "Mechanic in a can".

No quick fix. Never is. Only the right fix.

The engine will have to come apart and new gaskets fitted along with checking for problems with the heads by a machine shop.

Is the car worth fixing? Economically, no. GM diesels aren't worth scrap money. But, the car sounds like you like it, so in this case it's worth it because you like it.

I'd suggest you pick up a GM shop manual to guide you & your friend with the repairs. You may have to use new head bolts and they should be available from GM.

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