97 isuzu rodeo


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Angry 97 isuzu rodeo

drained the transmission fluid and now can not find where to add new fluid....no dipstick under hood.....any ideas? HELP!
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What's the owner's manual have to say? Some vehicles don't have dipsticks .
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owners manual is no help
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Another reason not to buy one of these (crappy literature).

I can't believe the owner's manual says NOTHING about what to do with the tranny fluid, even if it says, "no checking needed" (which would tell you there is no dipstick).
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mike from nj
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the trans fill plug is about 3 inches away from the drain plug, in the trans pan.

it needs to be filled(3 quarts), then started, shifted through all the gears, left in park, and topped again (1-2 more quarts) in park (still idling)until the fluid drips out(all on a level ground). it will be messy, either i use a suction gun (in reverse) or a quart bottle with a squirt tip on it.

i don't know who actually prints the owner's manuals, or is responsible for translating them into english, but i know you can thank the manufacturer of the trans for the 'no dipstick' design, as they designed it to be 'filled for life', too bad they never took common leaks into consideration(which leads to a smoked trans). they also use their rear axle (dana 44), driveshaft, fuel pump, trans controller electronics, complete engine electronics and all sensors, evaporative emissions system, and even their scan tool too.

i wonder if the fact that we had dipstick recalls, then a tag recall that had to installed onto the handle to remind anyone to completely reinstall the dipstick, and even clasp lock dipsticks that had to be snapped into place because the fluid was known to boil out and end up on the exhaust and start fires, if it had anything to do with the doing away with a dipstick all together for the next model year. i didn't like it either, believe me. luckily(for me), all those problems are finally going away as '04 rodeos have the old reliable aisin warner trans back in them.

in case you are wondering who made this trans, i'll give you the initials, (GM).

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