Ignition Trouble....


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Ignition Trouble....

...Because this car wont turn over, from time to time. When you drive it, it drives fine, but when you 1st start it when its cold, it wont start up. Then you come back maybe several hours, and it will start... I checked for spark...NO spark.

This is on a 94' Lincoln Towncar 4.6

Sounds like ignition, I had that ignition modulator go out on that 81' OLDs of mine, and before it did, whn you would shut it off, let it sit for 5 minutes, start...no start. Then start a while later...

But he's telling me, when you cut it off when its hot, it always starts up. But when its cold, it wont start. And no spark!
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Lots of possbilities, first thing I'd do is peruse autolibrary.org below and learn how to test the various ignition components. Also check autolibrary.org for any bulletins that pertain to the problem (if any).

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