honda idle, or lack of


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Question honda idle, or lack of

got an 88 honda accord with the carb. have a bad idle most of the time. what on that carb controls the idle? is it controled by vaccum or is it just the idle adjustment screw and the mixture adjustment? the thing runs great but just won't idle worth crap.

yes joe, i did all the research, I just need a carb person to enlighten me on the workings of the honda carb with 3402 different vaccum lines going to it.
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if it is idling bad and you dont find any vacum leaks it will likely need the carb rebuilt as it is likely gummed up causing it to run lean and usualy adjustments of the idle speed and mixture will likely not help or help very little at this point.
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even a small vacuum leak will cause a horrible idle, fix that and your idle should be fixed.

if you have a feedback type carb, you will have some electronics that can be diagnosed and hopefully repaired, most feedback carbs i've seen have an oxygen sensor in the exhaust, but you will need to do some serious reading as the diagnostics for that are tedious.

luckily, every carb i've seen has an idle speed adjustment. back when tune-ups were actually tune-ups, part of the service was to adjust idle speed(as well as set timing), it was actually a maintenance item. this is the simplest and cheapest thing, and i would definitely start there.

where is the screw? it right there, look, it's on the carb, see it. there might be more than one, and you should only turn the correct one, which is? (i don't know exactly)
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I agree with both. Check the vacuum lines closely as they are sources of leaks.

If not, these are very pesky to rebuild. The floats often sink causing problems and there's a ton to go wrong in them. Take your time if you choose to do this one yourself.

Hondas that were FI of this vintage were miles ahead of these .

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thankyou for the helpful suggestions. I found a couple vaccum leaks that are only associated with warm up items. I retorqued the intake and carb bolts. Checked the EGR system.
I just can't get away from the intermintant problems. I can drive it and all is well. Then my wife will drive it and show up at the house and it won't hold an idle and dies. I will look at it reeeeeeeal mean like and cus up a storm. Check for leaks with starter fluid, check fuel pressure stuff like that. When I statr it up for the 12th time, it all of a sudden works fine for another week or so.
This makes me think it is a piece of trash floating around the carb or some kind of valve or accuator which controls the idle or mixture in a variable type environment. BUT it doesn't matter if it is hot or cold outside or wet or dry.
Again, thanks for the suggestions. I will keep plugging away and let you know if I find the gremlin.
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Check all of your fuses some older asian carbs had solenoids that caused a similar problem if the fuse was blown.

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