Hood problems


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Hood problems

Have a 90 Jeep Cherokee. The hood won't unlatch. The last time that I successfully unlatched the hood, I had to really pull like crazy to get it to unlatch. I have to get the hood open to repair the latch assemblies. Catch 22.
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darrell McCoy
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Have someone push or rap the hood latch area while you try to get the cable to release it, otherwise you will have to in some fashion release it from underneath. Lube these parts a couple times a year, they will love you for it.
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Have someone press down on on the hood while you pull the release. If this works, after you get it up look for two rubber stops either on the corners of the hood or on the rad support, adjust these in a turn or two, your hood may not be going down far enough and it is putting too much strain on the latch assembly make it hard to open. If this fails try using the longest screw driver you have, through an opening in the grill see if you can see the hood release cable, follow where it attaches to the hood release mech. and with the screw driver try to pry the little tab over enough to pop the hood. Becareful not to damage the rad or grille. Sometimes you have to get on the ground and try to get a hand upfrom underneath the car to get access to the hood release. Good luck, and keep your patience.
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Agree with both posters. Clean and lubricate the mechanism when you get it up. It's probably rusty, bent or damaged.

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