Quick fix for old valve stem seals???


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Quick fix for old valve stem seals???


Scabby 'ol Mazda B2200 pickup truck, 1989, 170,000 miles. This vechicle is scheduled for retirement this summer, after I graduate with a nursing degree, and start making some real money...read, no money at the moment to spare.

When I start it up it the morning, it smokes (sometimes quite terribly) for a minute to four minutes, then stops. I know that the #4 cylinder is known for sticky rings that add to smoke, but I suspect that the valve stem seals are dried out...

Question: Are those seals rubber? And if so, will a "stop leak" which swells rubber help, even if only for the next six months?

Second Question? Is this by any chance an easy (read do it yourself) fix, or do I have to pull the camshaft, etc?)

Thanks for the suggestions:

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For the short period you're going to have before "retirement" I don't think I would bother. Just drive it. The mechanic-in-a-car won't help and it's not really d-i-y unless you're fairly handy around cars/tools.
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Thanks...I just hope that, as it almost already has, that someone doesn't call the fire department thinking that the car is on fire...lol...

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