Camry with stuck wheel/drum...?


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Camry with stuck wheel/drum...?


Now that my Mazda smokes so badly when I start up, I have tried to ressurect my Camry which died earlier this summer.

I think that I have it's problem. I've charged the battery, and in several days, it's dead. So, taking the battery out, charging it, poof...several days later it's dead. battery.

But... this Camry (1990) 180,000 miles leaks about a quart of oil every 150 miles, probably from the rear main seal. Like my Mazda it's not worth fixing, but I gotta get to school, to get that job in May.

The real problem:

New battery in, starts right up, after 5 months of being parked. But, one of the real wheels do not turn...not at all. I've tried backing it, then moving fortward, and the tire simply drags, creating a black stripe.

I'm suspecting a stuck brake drum.... so here is the question:

How does one remove a stuck break drum, short of (which I suppsose might be the answer) breaking it with a small sledge?

Thanks for suggestions...

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That's about it. Get it up on a jack stand and smack it a few times with a big hammer to see if that will free it up.
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You could also grab the parking brake cable near where it goes in the drum and work it back and forth may help save a drum.
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i had this happen to me once (or twice), i took a hammer to the backing plate and on the second hit, the brakes popped loose.

the only thing to be careful about is if the previously stuck brake shoe lining, became unstuck off of the shoe and not the drum, meaning, that the friction material might have broken loose from the shoe and still be stuck to the drum. this is if the shoes were frozen(rusted),

if the cables are rusted, like davo said, it needs to be wiggled and not used anymore.
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Thank you guys... Gettin'
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Gettin' the hammer....

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