1986 chevy s10 blazer


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Angry 1986 chevy s10 blazer

i have a 1986 chevy s10 blazer that wont start it will turn over but i think it needs new spark plauges and wires it really needs the cluth bleed and i was wondering if anyone had a intake for it. it only has a v6 in it but i need a intake so i can change it over to carbarated that way i can go on from their if so Plz let me know.
if anyone would like to buy the motor and transmission i want at lest $500.00 it is 4 wheel drive and a 5 speed standerd and only has like 67,000 miles on it it does run really good if so PLZ let me know.......

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Are you trying to swap it from tbi?You need to check for spark and fuel and lets us know what you find.
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oh my!

...please don't convert it from TBI to carbureted...that engine is a dog to begin with but TBI was a huge improvement. You need to listen at the filler opening to the fuel tank and see if you hear the fuel pump run when someone turns the ignition on...it should run for 2-3 seconds and then turn off. if it does, look at the injectors to see if fuel spray is occuring...if it is, might be a bad coil. as for checking for spark, go buy a spark tester at your local parts store and put it on a couple spark plug wires and check for spark while cranking...if none, pull the coil wire from the top of the distributor cap and check again there. if you have spark there, replace the cap and rotor...if you don't the you have an ignition problem most likely the module and pickup assembly. see what you find out and then let us know...

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