Fuel gauge died on 86 Ford pickup


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Fuel gauge died on 86 Ford pickup

It's been reading 'off' for a while, but has completely quit now. All other gauges seem to be OK and all fuses intact.

Sending unit ? and how hard is it to get too ?
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Your right it probably is a sending unit, but if you replace it remove the bed to install alot faster this way.

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Thanks for the tip......I was planning on replacing the rusting bed with a flatbed anyway....I'll just wait and do the sending unit at the same time......and keep a can of gas in the back until then
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I also have an 86 f150. the fuel guage on it hasn't worked in many years. When the humidty goes high the thing shorts straight to empty. Rather than rely on this faulty guage or keeping spare gas can handy, I simply reset the trip meter when I fill up the tanks. I have two 18 gallon tanks and that allows me to up to 600 miles. To keep it on the safe side i start looking for a gas station every 350 to 450 miles.
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I think that gauge still worked on a variable ground system. Just find the sender wire and ground it. The dash gauge should go to full. If it does, the tank unit is the problem.

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