1992 Buick Regal GS starting problems

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1992 Buick Regal GS starting problems

I recently purchased this car and I found out that after driving for like 30 minutes or so, turning the car off then turning it back on in like 5 minutes causes it to go on shaking (rpm too low) for few seconds then it goes off, trying again will do the same just going off sooner, I keep trying till it refuses to go on at all after 3 trials or so, the engine cranks fine, the battery is new. The only thing that would start the car is leaving it alone for like 20-30 minutes then starting its completely fine, if I keep trying for 30 minutes with 10 minutes intervals it wont start, it has to be left completely alone for this time to start, no problems at all starting from cold, like when its been parked over night, i tried starting with or without the gas pedal, I also tried pressing the gas pedal all the way down as recommended in the manual in case the engine is flooded with gas, that didnt help at all, only leaving it parked for 20-30 minutes makes it work, any ideas? I am thinking of using an injector fluid cleaner but I doubt its gonna help as the car is completely fine while driving it, even ig I get the rpm to 5000.
Any help would be appreciated, this problem is very frustrating.

Body Type: 4Dr Sedan
Engine: 3.8 L Tuned Port Injection
Automatic transmission

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tough one...

...and it's hard to make sense online with a problem like this one. what's been done to the car? any attempts to repair? what's the maintenence history? you may well have to take it to a competent tech and get some testing done...i'd want to know about fuel pressure and volume to begin with...the possibly take a look at some ignition components...coils, secondary wires, etc.
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Thanx for your reply, There hasnt ben any work done as far as fuel system is concerned on it lately, thats what I been told. I checked around the engine, there are 2 wires ending with plugs on the driver side of the engine that arent plugged and I didnt know what they are for, one of them has a blue plastic seal, the previous owner told me they are for the block heater. Other than that nothing unusual, I took it to a mechanic yesterday but he said he needs to change the spark plugs, the fuel pump and the fuel filter and flush the injectors and that will most likely remove the problem but he sounded like he doesnt know what he is talking about as he mentioned that all these are just to identify the problem and they will cost around 400$ to do. If that didnt help then he needs to get another distributer which sounded to me like I better sell it to a junk yard already.

If it helps at all, I think the car is burning way too much gas, for example it used about 30 litres of gasoline to drive less than 150 kilometers and thats without pushing the engine or anything, just easy going driving with some freeway driving as well.
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Check for spark next time it won't start,if you have spark spray some starting fluid in the intake and see if it fires even temporarily then post your results.Check spark on more than one wire.
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Among things to check...try tapping the MAF (not too hard) while trying to start it. You could also have a leaking injector bleeding off pressure into the engine and flooding it. Check your oil...does it smell like gas?
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Hi, Thanx again for all the help, I checked the engine oil and it does smell like gasoline very obviously, I had 2 other people smell it also, I couldnt do the other tests as I didnt know what the MAF or the intake are and where to find them, sorry but I guess I am illiterrate when it comes to cars, I hope my problem isnt a big one with the injectors.
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oil that smells like gas, is a good sign of a flooding engine, if you can light the dipstick on fire by holding a lighter under it----means it's time for an oil change NOW.

i would pull the plugs when it doesn't start and see if any or how many are fuel soaked. your description is a good one for leaking down injectors, and these era GM cars are also known for the possibility too. if the plugs are very worn, like no center electrode left, it means they've been in there for close to 100,000 miles and can also be causing these problems.

the last description you didn't mention would be a huge cloud of black smoke when it finally does start.

one quick thing to check when it won't start is all the plug wires for spark.

let us know where you get.

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