battery draw


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Matt Barcellona
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battery draw

Something is drawing juice from the battery.I installed a new battery and still,when it sits for a few days it dies.How do I find the problem?
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What kind of vehicle are we talking about? It could be a bunch of things do you have a meter or test light?
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Matt Barcellona
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Thumbs up battery

WeldGod , It is a 85 Riviera. I have a a meter,this car has every gadget.I already had to hook up a switch to stop the ELC from going on and off all night(slight leak in the lines somewhere)
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Matt, here is a internal link to another post with the same problem as yours, along with the same procedure to isolate the cause.

It explains how to use a test light while pulling fuses one at a time.
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There is a fairly easy way to diagnose this. Remove 1 battery terminal and either put a digital amp meter in series, or place a 12V test light in series with the removed battery wire. Remove 1 fuse at a time until the light goes out or the amp meter drops off. That will isolate it to which circuit it is. Personally I would remove the plug from the alternator over night and see if the battery is dead the next day...have seen this before.
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Make sure you disable the door jam switch and the hood light before you attempt that. You'll never find it if you don't.

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