Electric Auto Window


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Question Electric Auto Window

Today the passenger side of my auto windows stuck about 3/4 of the way up and will not budge. There is no sound when I attempt to raise the window. Does this mean the motor is dead? What am I looking at in repair bills? This is a "93 Lincoln Town Car. I would appreciate any insight.
Thank you, Jeany
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It's probably a window motor and it could need a window regulator? Price both parts at the Dealer?

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darrell McCoy
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You can probably get an aftermarket motor if this is the case, 70 bucks maybe, but you will also have labor involved. GM dealer gets about 320ish for that job. You might try raising it and hitting on the inside of the door panel at the same time, maybe you can at least get it in the up position. Before you start just buying parts, Can you get an assistant, to check the switch and motor and try and determine if either is the culprit?
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There are 2 possible window regulators listed, based on production date. List is from $120.92-$154.12. Labor is 1.6 hours. Most places will round that to an even 2 hours. Depending on your location, labor rate is around $65-$70 here. The motor is $192.68 and the labor is the same.
Usually if the window is stuck in a part way up or down position then you have a binding condition somewhere. Like Darrell said, try to rap on the door and see where that nets you. Listen for any signs of life in there. If that does not work then you probably have a motor or regulator issue. One quick question though. Do all of the other windows operate OK??
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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Electric Windows

Thank each of you for your reply. You have been most helpful. I will try to run the window up and hit the door panel at the same time) : Would be a miracle if it went up! Now I have an idea of the amount of cost I am facing. Also, it is just the one window that isn't working. What does that mean?
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darrell McCoy
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As stated earlier, try and rule out the motor possibility until the last. ($$$) If you can remove the door panel, it would be of great help. Look around at the wiring and connections.
Use a glove and gently push the window down while the swx is in down position, this would likely rule out a possible bind in the mechanism. If it is binding you probably wont hear anything out of the motor anyhow. I have checked motors by running direct wiring to the motor, again ya got to be careful. Dont pinch a finger. These can be a real pain.

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