lack of fuel each morning at the carb


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lack of fuel each morning at the carb

1988 YJ Jeep Wrangler 258 with BBD -

It appears as if there is a lack of fuel each morning in the carb --as I am not seeing the priming squirts of fuel down the venturi as I depress the pedal .

After exactly 4 attempts to start each AM , I can get fuel at the venturi , the Jeep fires up instantly , and runs fine all day . Plenty of fuel delivery .

When the Jeep stands for an extended time , the jeep requires the 4 attempts to start. It appears as if the fuel needs to be replenished in the carb fuel bowl . Once the cranking has occurred , plenty of fuel .

Is the fuel reversing direction and emptying backward from the fuel bowl to move upstream back through the fuel filter and into the fuel pump ? Is this possible ? Is there a vacuum created upstream of the carb that would suck the fuel out of the fuel bowl ? Are there one-way check valves in the system to prevent this ?
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It sounds like the fuel bowl is draining. I know the plugs at the bottom of the venturi can leak. If they do I seal them up with JB weld. Make sure the carb isn't loose from the base either.

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