97 VW Cabrio


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97 VW Cabrio

1997 Vw Cabrio 4 cylinder, 5 speed, it started running a little ruff then it all of sudden died. Well took it to garage they said coil was cracked replaced it, gave it a tune up plugs, wires, distributer cap. Still would not start. Next they said fuel filter completely clogged, so they said it made fuel pump go bad, replaced fuel filter and pump. Still won't start, now they are saying from the fuel filter deal that it burnt up computer circuit board, Does this sound possible? The car has 90,000 on it. How much would the computer circuit board cost? Where is the computer circuit board located on this car? The garage that has done all of this now says that it is computer circuit board they say that can't do it got to get it towed to dealer. Thanks for any help with this.
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Not that fluent in newer Vw but I hope you don't just need a new timing belt.Is the rotor turning,do you have spark?The place you had it to should be owing you something in my opinion.It could be related to the powertrain control module but how do they explain the other parts installed.I would tell them to put all my old parts back on and it better be no charge.If it was something they could not repair they have the burden of telling you so.A small fee for 1/2 hour to 1 hour yes to discover the root cause.Not to replace almost everything and say sorry,doesn't work for me.
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Sounds like they were just throwing parts at it and hoping something fixed it. They obviously did not go through the basics first. Did the check engine light ever come on or stay on other than for the initial bulb check at startup?
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it sounds like they threw every dart they had at the board, except they never hit the bullseye.

before they towed it, i would have said to put every part back on it that didn't fix it, and i wouldn't pay more than one hour of labor for 'diagnosis', and i use that term loosely (because throwing parts under the hood isn't a true diagnosis) this is a job for them to 'eat' (roofers sometimes eat their work, as do plumbers and even mechanics too)

before you go crazy, if the parts were all original, then it was way beyond time for a tune-up, maybe leave the plugs, wires and filters on. but the coil, if it was actually bad, the car would be running by now. ask for all the old parts at least, you can keep them as spare good ones, you've paid for them!

unless vw wires their cars different than anything i've ever seen, no fuel filter could cause a computer to go bad, and if the pump was the problem, like i said already, it would be running by now.

this a sad example of people not keeping current on today's changing technology, even if it is 7 years old.

keep us posted, and let us know what fixes the problem
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...you are SO right! this is sad commentary...people with NO diagnostic skills should stick to ditch digging and the like...I agree completely with everyone...you don't hang a mess of parts on someone's car and then bail because you couldn't diagnose/repair it to begin with.

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