Noisey Door Weather Seal


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Noisey Door Weather Seal

I would like to get rid of a noise that appears to coming from the foam rubber weather seal on the drivers door of a 1999 Dodge Caravan. It's the one that's attached to the back edge of the door & seals against the "B" pillar. The sound is not wind noise (whistling) but more like a light tapping or rapping. It just started when the weather here turned colder.

This occurs while driving & from what I can tell, it has a frequency that is equal to the slight movements or vibrations of the door. I've been able to isolate it by pressing on the rubber seal - which eliminates the noise. It seems like the door is moving very slightly in the opening & closing direction. This causes the tapping sound as the seal strikes the "B" pillar.

Although I've been able to identify it's source, I don't know what to do to eliminate it. Is there some kind of a door adjustment than can be made to increase the doors pressure against the seal? Or some thing else?

Any & all ideas will be welcomed & appreciated.

Best regards, Dick
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The door latch could be worn along with the seal colapsing from normal wear and tear. Might try adjusting the door striker if it allows or replacing the striker to gain original clearances. Or, you can prob buy a new door seal for not too many thousands of dollars.
If you have ever had the van unlocked by a tow company, the top of the door may be bent out a bit. This is caused by wedging the door too much. Not that I ever did that
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Try lubricating with a silcone spray before making door adjustments.I f the door closes properly it may solve the problem.Generally speaking weatherstrips cause windnoise or waterleak troubles.Are the hinges in good condition?
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Thanks Davo & 89blaze for your replies. They're appreciated.

Door was never pried or damaged. No waterleaks or wind noise just the tapping thing. Hinges eem to be in good shape - maybe it's the latch. I'll check that out tomorrow since the door looks like it could be adjusted to close a bit tighter. will also try the silicone spray.

Best regards, Dick
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make sure you spray into the latch itself too, silicone spray is good for weatherstrips, but will disappear in about a day on anything mechanical, for that try a good white lithium spray.

if you need to adjust the door, it should be a big torx screw(two maybe) slightly loosen them, not more than 1/2 to 1 full turn, then tap slightly with a hammer and watch the clean spot on the paint appear. use this to gauge the adjustment you need to make. make very slight adjustments until the problem is fixed.
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Thanks for the advice Mike, it's appreciated.

Have the torx tools, silicone spray & lithium grease on hand - which helps. Will post back when the jury returns a verdict.
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Here is something to check. Open the passenger side door and look at the door latch bolt in the b pillar. It's the big 1/2" or so diameter shaft/bolt that the door closes and latches to. Look to see if there is a nylon bushing covering that large bolt. If so, then look at the drivers side door and see if that nylon bushing is missing.

These bushings can get damaged and fall out when your not looking. The missing bushing will cause the door to rattle slightly and can make the door not latch easily as you close the door. This would also make the door not close tightly. You can buy replacement door jam bolts at the auto supply for a few bucks and they are a snap to replace. Just unscrew old one, screw in new one.

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