Timing marks


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Timing marks

Before I went to remove Timing belt. I was checking that all the marks on the gears lined up.But they didn't!!
So how would I line them Up?
Do I remove the belt and line each marking separately? and if so can I turn the cams bye that bolt that holds it?

Open to any suggestions!!!!!!!


Thank you!!!!!!!!

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Make damn sure you are using the correct marks and then check them again two more times. What are you working on?
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What's make, model, engine size, mileage, history.
Was this car running before this repair? What's the reason your removing the belt? Did it have a problem? Assuming it is out of time, then yes you can turn the cams with a wrench with no belt on them.
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If the belt is intact(not broken or removed)turn the crankshaft by the bolt to align the marks on the gears.Otherwise we need the make model and year.Don't be afraid to make referance marks with a paintstick or chalk nobody is looking.May help on reassembly.
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with the belt still on, you can sometimes loosen it up (the belt) and jump it a tooth at a time with a wrench, but the final check is to turn the engine twice by hand and have all the marks on the gears match the ones i've already mentioned on the heads and oil pump housing.

if you are turning a gear by hand, and it feels like it's stopping suddenly, STOP. that is a valve hitting a piston, you will need to turn the crankshaft slightly, then line up the cam marks, then line the crank up again.

once the belt is tight, and all the marks are correct(and you've turned it twice by hand), you can start it up for a second to see if it will run before assembling everything again, hopefully you didn't hurt anything.
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Knowing what kind of vehicle you are working on here will definately help us help you. If you take the belt off and try toturn things then you could cause serious damage in the engine. But i think 5 people have already stated this.
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Timing marks

Thanks for the reply!!!!!!!
the car is a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus,6cyl,2.5 liter engine.
It was running before but I had to replace the Idler pulley that the timing belt runs on. Then I put everything back and it wouldn't start! it just cranks(turns over)!!
So I though I would check to see if everthing is lined up.
and it wasn't! So that is why I askd the marking question.
No I have not done anything else to it yet! Thats why I came and posted the question.

Thank You everyone!!!!!!!!

I am always open to any other suggesions!!!!!

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

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