91 Toyota 22RE Timing Chain?


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91 Toyota 22RE Timing Chain?

I've got a question: Background: I have a 91 Toyota 4X4 w/ the 22RE engine. Back when the truck had ~95K miles on it (its got 148K now), I lost the timing chain on it. I was sitting in line waiting for the Toyota svc dept to open, I needed to have the hood release cable repaired. I had the engine shut off while waiting, and when I tried to restart the engine, I got a horrendous bunch of noise from under the hood, so I immediately cut the key. I got the truck pushed up to the svc writer, who said they'd check it out and call me. Later in the day, I got a call from the svc mgr, with "good news" and "bad news". He said the bad news was my timing chain had let go, but the good news was that it "looked" like the damage was minimal.. The next day they called and said it would run ~$1500, as the chain cover etc. was destroyed. I went ahead and had them do the work. After the work was completed, the tech who did the work told me something which brings me to my question... He stated that he noticed that the engine was not using a Toyota-brand oil filter (I do 3K mi oil changes myself and use Fram filters).. He said this was likely the cause of the failure. When I pressed him as to exactly -why- the Toy filter was so much better, he claimed that the Toy filter has a relief valve or some such that helps hold pressure during start and shutdown (This happened about 4 years ago, so I don't recall his exact explaination).. Does this claim/explaination hold water, or was he blowing hot air?
Since then, I've continued to do 3K changes with Fram filters, with no further problems...

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what he was probably talking about was the anti-drainback valve in the filter. most good filters have them, some cheap ones don't or they're so poorly made, that the valve doesn't work. all it does is keep the oil in the system primed, so there's no big air pocket upon startup. you can actually check this on a new filter by trying to blow into the center hole with your mouth, there should be no air flow. now try sucking and you should get a lttle bit of flow. if you look into the small holes around the edge of the filter, you will see the rubber flap that is the valve(a checkvalve)

you got me curious, i just went and looked at the fram filter i bought today(PH2870A) i can see the valve and it passes the blow/suck test. that's not saying all frams have them, just this number, and you can easily check any one in the future now that you know how.

i actually used to work with someone who would check each filter he bought, he would open boxes on the shelf and test them until he found one that worked for him. whatever.

as for your vehicle, let 'toyotaman' answer it, i do know certain overhead cam timing chain engines have an oil pressure fed chain tensioner, maybe it was an issue, maybe not, i don't really know.
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I have always felt you could never go wrong by using the OEM filter for what ever vehicle you have.

I have personally have seen "dry start" problems with other than Toyota filters. Problem corrected by using Toyota filter.

At times we would have say 1/2 doz filters for our cars. After market oil filters would consolidate that down to just a few listings.

Other problem is if under warranty and there is an engine failure your just better off with the correct OEM filter. Gives one less thing to for them to try to shift the blame to.

My Fords get Motorcraft, Toyotas get Toyota and if I had a GM it would be Delco.

Oem filters are not that expensive, I pay $2.96 at Walmart for Motorcraft filters. We sell Toyotas for around $4.

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I have always used Fram Filters. We use STP (most are same numbers as Fram) at work. There are 4 grades of Fram filters. The Orange filter is the basic, then the Black, then the last 2 are Gray (I think). I use the Black Filter in my 01 Mazda PU. I have never had a problem with the Fram filters, but I have never owned a car that required a check valve in it either. A car that has the filter inverted has an anti drain back valve in the correct filter. My .02!
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Thanks to all for replying.. ToyotaMan: Are you referring to an authorized Toy dlr where you get the oem filters for ~$4? After I got the chain fixed, I checked with the parts dept of the dlr I had the work done at, and they wanted over $8 for the toy filter. When I can get Fram's at Walmart for ~$3, I kinda shy away from the toy filter, not to mention the fact that Walmart is around the corner and the toy dlr is 5miles away.. Since I did not buy the truck new, but with already 78k on it, and the failure happened at ~98k, I wonder if I could have prevented the failure.. Probably not.. I've been lead to believe that the 22R engine does not usually have timing chain failures, especially not like the majority of engines now with the rubberized timing "belts".. I sure was thankful that the chain didn't fail going down the road at 60mph!! That definately would have meant a new engine..

Again thanks for the replies...

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The chain in that engine will last longer than 100k. Maybe that fram drains back a bit and it takes a bit longer for that tensioner to extend. Causing a little wear wear each time you start it.

Filters have drain back valves and bypass valves. That one Fram may cover three Toyota filters. So something is different

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Toyota filters

I also drive a new Toyota Matrix I have had nothing but Toyota OEM filters in it and will continue to do so.You have to get them when they go on sale and buy a few.
I have in the past on my other cars used Fram with no problems but I have been reading more about the Fram problems with the drain back valve or lack of.
Toyotaman gives very good advice from past posts he knows his +*i%.
If someone can prove Fram is good I might buy them again.

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