1992 chevy lumina


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Unhappy 1992 chevy lumina

I have a 1992 Chevy Lumina APV
I went thru the car wash and started having transmission problems.
First would take forever to shift.
Now it's to the point where it won't go in to gear at all.
Was shifting fine before the wash.
All happened within 24 hours.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Have you checked your fluid level? Check it running in park. What color is the fluid and what does it smell like?
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Fluid levels are good.
It's nice and pink.
And no it's not burnt.
I was thinking maybe one of the shifting solenoids went bad because of how fast it happened without notice.
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It's a coincidence!

The car wash has nothing to do with it; it was just a coincidence. People are always looking for someone or something to blame when something goes wrong. The fact is; things just break or go bad. Happens all the time. I also have a 1992 Chevy Lumina. Last week I was driving down a main highway when the car just stopped dead in the middle of the highway. Wouldn’t start. Turned out to be the crankshaft timer for the ignition. You are going to have to have the transmission checked.
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Do you have reverse?Did you pull the pan and check for metal debris?Just because the fluid is pink and full doesn't mean metal is not circulating in the trans.Check these 2 items and post the results.
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Before jumping to any conclusions with the transmission, take a look at the engine. The shift points are prompted by either a cable at the throttle body or the TPS sensor on some models. Check this cable to be sure it is free and returning and not stuck in the out position. It is a pull cable and returns with spring pressure. It wouldn't hurt to scan the computer for codes also. You could find a TPS or trans code in memory.

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