tail lights on 89 buick century


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Unhappy tail lights on 89 buick century

I have a 89 buick century. The tail lights do not work. the flashers work the turn signals work the brake lights work, but the tailights will not come on. Also have a rattle in the front dirvers tire when i hit 55 or more, slight vibration. Any assistance on these matters would be greatly appreciated
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Have you checked the fuses and bulbs yet?Cigar lighter fuse I think.If you know which tire is vibrating have it checked for balance and a bent wheel.I would suggest checking all 4 personally.
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buick tail lights

yep checked all the fuses. very weird problem. i will have balance and rim on tire checked. thks for reply
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Do the front running lights work?
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the turn signal does and the flasher but not in normal operation neither the front or back markers work
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I would be taking a look at the headlight switch and wiring. Is the switch in column or dash?
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dash board, also the dash lights do not work as well as the cigarette lighter, so sounds like it could be the dash wiring doesn't it
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but if it is the dash wiring why are the markers and dashboard lights the only things not working
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A problem exists in the circuit, which may be and is most likely shorted or open. It could be caused by corrosion, heat, pinch etc.

Some things to consider: headlight switch plug melted at that particular terminal...thus causing short. Circuit problem could exist at the fuse block.

A wiring diagram for your year and make/model would really help.

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there use to be a chilton's or haynes website that you could get all that information from on line. i can't find it though. i had gotten the link of here about a year or so ago. does anyone know what it is.
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I need help, I have a 89 buick centry limited. The dash lights, the driver side front turn signal, and the tail lights will not work. I have check all the fuses in the glove box, even replaced a few. Replaced all of the light bulbs in the tail and the turn signal Bulb. I am running out of ideas and time I have to reregester my car by the end of Sept. Anyone have any help?
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Did you find a fuse labeled for the inst lights? If not keep looking. Those turn lights had a metal strip that grounded them that will break off,esay to see.
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It would sound like there may be two problems. The dash lights probably have a problem within the cluster as they are controlled by either a analog or electronic rheostat while the exterior lights are not. You would probably do well to find a wiring diagram for the chassis and do a little wire tracing to locate the problems. Shouldn't be all that hard to find, the circuits in these earlier domestics are pretty simple.
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There were quite a few issues back in the day with the Rheostat Connectors "Burning".....The two problems do have one thing in common....The Headlight switch and rheostat both share the same connector.....Power feeds for exterior lighting, and dash lamps are the same......

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