OIl Change


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OIl Change

I recently bought a 65 Beatle just for putting around and I changed the oil this weekend. Its a bit more complicated than a regular drain plug. Its a plate held on by 6 acorn nuts. The engine case is aluminum and the studs are steel. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. Any way, I stripped out one stud and now I have a slow drip. A friend suggested a helicoil kit and expaned it to me but I havn't been able to find one anywhere. Does any one know where to purchase one or does any one have a better idea?

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Any good parts store that deals with the trade, tool supply also.

That would be the correct way to repair

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Helicoil is quite easy to use. They sell complete kits thatYou can pick them up at any major parts store chain. Take one of your bolts in with you to be sure to get the correct size Helicoil.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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if you intend on doing this yourself, like billy said, bring the old bolt with you, you can thread a nut onto it to see which thread it is, then buy the correct kit. all you'll need is a cordless drill or even a plug in one, cordless is easier. the kit will come with about 10 refills and i would be fixing each one, stripped or not, it's cheap insurance.

post back if you buy the kit, someone will walk you through it.

ps. i think i remember hearing somewhere that your engine case is magnesium, and mag is flammable under the right conditions(like when it's already in a blazing fire) not under normal driving conditions.

pss. heli-coils are stronger than a non stripped original hole.

i've bought mine either at hardware stores or at NAPA.

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