Will I be sorry?


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Question Will I be sorry?

Hi I just bought a 94 grand am. V6, 3.1, auto. 109,000. (A new car to me)
Its in really good shape and from what I've heard (from my hubby that works on all our vehicles) Its been well taken care of.
Well I brought it to the shop to be put on the machine. I was getting the service engine soon light on. It had 3 codes come up...76,75,74. EGR valve. Was quoted $388 +55 labor. I almost cried! I didn't even have the car for a whole week yet and its costing big $ already.
Could you please tell me if I'm in over my head with having a grand am? Or are there some good ones out there? I'm crossing my fingers... Other than that could you tell me where is a place to get a reasonable price for the EGR.. Napa wants $309.
Thank you so much for your time.
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I don't know what you've been doing for repairs lately but $400 is not a large repair in today's market. It's actually a minor repair with one component and a small amount of labor.
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Local auto supply charges $235, so it sounds like your in the right ball park for prices.

I will agree that anytime you take your car to the shop its not unusual to pay at least $300 if you take into account a couple hours of labor. You are not alone, and it's has nothing to do with what car you own. Many EGR valves cost around $50. You just happen to have a car that needs the more expensive one. EGR valves are a common repair, regardless of the car you own.
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I just wanted to add I paid 2,500 for it. Which is the most I've paid for one in cash. We could buy a more expensive one but we don't want or need payments. So when its almost $400 for a part its a big chunk of money to me. Thank you for your input. I was mainly wondering if my grand am is going to make me sorry, by having to repair it often... Thank you
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Sorry, but one way to justify the repair costs is to pay less for the car. Around here that car is a $1,500 car--you paid too much. Bit the bullet and buy the part and have your hubby install it to save labor!
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I dont say you made a mistake, but you are now committed.
What you describe can happen to any car. Hi meleage, low mileage. Grandson just got a 94 cutlass supreme 1200 bucks. well taken care of, but, 100K, so new tires, wipers, tranny fluid and filter change, coolant change, etc. Any vehicle is an expense. Specially at 70 bucks an hour for labor. DIY helps a lot but you have to have the proper diagnostic equip, and thats usually big bucks. I dont quibble over the 2500 bucks, its like this, if you like it buy it.
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Thanks Darrell ...I feel a little better about the car. I know it isn't brand new . I've heard horror stories about these cars since I got it. Just hoping mine won't be another. Thanks again

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