choke valve not setting


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choke valve not setting

1988 YJ 258 with BBD carb and electric choke ---

The choke valve will not set itself to the cold closed position when the accelerator is depressed unless the choke valve gets a little encouragement from a prodding finger . Then , it correctly snaps to closed position .

The choke was dialed / set to just close the choke valve when cold .

As the engine and electric choke warm , the choke coil seems to relax correctly.

I disassembled and meticulously cleaned / scrubbed the linkage , valve , valve shaft and coil housing . The linkage was then lubricated . Did not notice any apparent gouges or marks in the linkage hinges .

The choke continued to get hung up in the open position . I still had to gently prod the valve to cause it to shut when cold . It appeared to have a sticky hanging up point when wide open and would not snap shut by itself .

I thought that the valve shaft might have been hanging up within the carb body , so I thoroughly cleaned the carb body with a cotton swab soaked in carb cleaner . Still , issue persisted.

Thinking that perhaps the choke valve was not perfectly centered within the bore , it was loosened and reset .

A new choke coil did not remedy the situation either .

Any suggestions as to where the sticking might be occurring ? I am grasping at straws as to where / how it sticks open . The linkage appears to be in decent alignment , not bent , not torqued .
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darrell McCoy
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Seems you are missing something relatively simple. Clean it with carb spray cleaner. Do not lubricate. Should be dry. Check the flap for side play. You may very well have a slightly worn linkage that has in time began to cause a drag. I have had to slightly bend the linkage causing the problem. Tedious and aggravating, but stay with the lingages and I am sure you will find the problem is likely there.
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" Check the flap for side play " -- ???

Does this pertain to the choke valve within the bore having too much wiggle room from side to side ? There is some wiggle room . I do not understand the part " flap " .

I am continually inspecting linkage for a clue . Have not been able to pinpoint worn spot in linkage ; will continue to inspect , possibly benb linkage . Just don't know . Very frustrating .
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I think what Darrell is calling the flap is the butterfly itself. Some folks refer to these as flaps... its actually old terminology. Also there should be little to NO wiggle in the shaft. The shaft should fit in the bore with no side to side movement, but not stick. Sort of a polished fit. I agree with Darrell also about maybe slightly bending the linkage to get the correct angle to get the flap to snap back when it is supposed to. I have done this many many times over the years.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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Lubricating the link as recommended is the first step. Make sure everything is real free. Your going to have to examine it closely to find out just what is sticking. One other thing I have seen happen is, over many years or tightening the air cleaner nut too much it will start to pull on the sides of the carb so much that it will distort the intake where the butterfly rides and cause it to contact the sides. If this is the case you may have to remove the butterfly and file the edge a little to get a little more clearance.
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Check the fast idle cam pivot point and linkage. Could be hanging there too. (it can make the choke hang partially open). Check to be sure the choke pulloff is retracting all the way and letting the linkage travel far enough for the choke to close.
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Thanks to all for the comments.

Have not yet discovered the cause . Will continue to inspect in better weather .

Will focus upon linkage / pivot hinges .

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