won't start


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won't start

The other night, i drove my '92 Jeep Cherokee to the local library, parked, and went inside for about an hour. When I was ready to leave, I turned the key and nothing happened. Diddn't turn over, click, no sounds at all. I tried jump starting with cables, and got the same result. I left it overnight, and the next afternoon it started right up! Is something starting to go bad? This is a 6 cyl. auto transmission with about 190,000 miles. Recently replaces alternator, water pump, and battery.
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Could be any number of things. First thing that comes to mind since you say you have replaced the battery would be a possible ignition switch. I have seen that happen. Im sure Mike will be along to chime in and give you some other ideas any time.
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Also might be a good idea to check those battery calbe connections. Sounds like one might be a bit loose or otherwise not making good connection.
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sorry billy, i don't like jeeps, and avoid them as much as possible.

first thing is to take off the battery connections and clean them and tighten them securely. i've seen this plenty of times on older jeeps. i think this had the older gm style column, with the switch on the bottom, maybe not, this year was close to the transition years, and anything is possible

try the terminals first, see if you find anything obvious there.

were the alt and battery replaced for this problem?

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