2000 Windstar battery problem


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Unhappy 2000 Windstar battery problem

Hi There:

We have a 2000 Ford Windstar (bought in May 2000) with close to 40,000 miles on it and within the last 6 months, the battery has died and come back to life several times after being jumped and then driven for a while. This time my wife left the car door open for a while and drained the bettery to the point at which it wouldn't start once again.

Is it time for a new battery (as I suspect it is) or could the problem be with the alternator as some of my past vehicles have been diagnosed with? If it is either of these, is there an easy way to tell which one it is?

Thanks a bunch,

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You can check the battery and the alternator output with a DVOM or take it to Autozone and have them check the battery and charging system for free. Post your results.
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2000 Windstar have a (PCM) Powertrain Control Module controlled charging system,"smart charge". I have replace a few alternators that were not charging. Check the Battery first and then do a drain test FORD says less than 50 milliamps is OK.
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cars and batteries...

...it's most likely the battery as charging and discharging is what kills them...your battery is also near the end of it's useful life anyway as in reality it's at least 4 years old. jumping and then "letting" the car charging sytem "charge" it back up is bad because it overworks the charging system, this produces more heat for longer periods of time and the generator can't handle this, so it pukes out. batteries should always be recharged with a battery charger, never the vehicle charging system (which is really just a battery maintainer). as for autozone testing batteries...that's a joke in my town...i took them a battery once and had them test it with a load tester that would only produce 100 amps load...that's fine for your garden tractor but not for an automotive battery. batteries should be load tested at their recommended load rating or 1/2 the cold crank amperage rating. better yet...conductance testing is the most accurate. autozones around here haven't a clue as to how a battery works, much less how to test one properly. if I were to gamble, i'd put a battery in it and then have the charging system tested just to be sure it's ok...best of luck

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