oil light issues....


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oil light issues....

2001 cavalier 2.2 stick 89k

In the summer i dont have a problem. now that the weather is changing its acting up again. my oil light likes to come on until the engine warms up, even when its 45 degrees. I have no issues as far as oil burning/ low oil/ but it is starting to give me the typical GM 'start up knock'. it started last fall and this spring it stopped. now its back. 5w30 and a good filter EVERY 5000 miles. its more annoying than anything.

im guessing a faulty sender? if it was a main bearing tolerance thing....wouldnt it be more apt to go on when it was warm?

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I would pull the oil pan and see if the pickup screen on the oil pump is getting clogged.
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i'd try a...

...oil pressure test with a mechanical guage before i took the oil pan off...sounds like you may be headed for a major mechanical failure and now is the time to head it off

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