95 Neon running poorly when cold


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95 Neon running poorly when cold

Thanks for answering yesterday. It has 130K on the odometer, and it has the factory listed Champion plugs. Are there better plugs you could recommend? I sprayed around the edges of the head gasket as you mentioned with a flammable substance, but no RPM variation. However, the cannister purge solenoid seems to be loud, when listening to it with a screwdriver. Does that make sense? I will replace the wires in the meantime, seeing as they look aged somewhat. Thanks for the help.
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mike from nj
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reply to the original post, it keeps things together

factory spec champions are the best thing you can get.

you need to spray around the intake manifold gasket, not the head gasket, the intake manifold is in the front and bolts to the head. but this would give you a rough idle all the time.

the canister purge solenoid is normally noisy, it it wasn't working, you'd have a check engine light by now.

if the wires are factory original or even factory replacements, there will be a date on them(a manufacture date, not install date)
(yes, i'm partial to factory wires)

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