Headlight R&R for 2000 Golf


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Antony W. Serio
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Headlight R&R for 2000 Golf

I'm trying to help my sister out with her 2000 VW Golf. She burned out a headlight bulb on her car, and her owners manual says that this is a dealer only replacable part. I know this is BS, but that is what the manual tells her. She's a student in Harrisonburg, VA, and there are no VW dealers down there, so she can't even go to an authorized VW mechanic for help.

I've checked Autolibrary.org, but they don't have the data for her car yet. None of the parts stores that I have checked have the Chiltons/Haynes manual in stock either, although they can order them. Her car is probably too new for the library to have any information. I've taken a quick look at the headlight assembly myself in a parking lot, during a torrential downpour, with no tools save a swiss army knife. The entire assembly is sealed from behind with retaining clips and allen bolts, so I couldn't do much. I couldn't even figure out how to undo the clips, although it could just be that I needed pliars.

Does anybody know where I can find illustrated procedures for replacing a bulb on this car? My sister is a full time student with a full time job, so she doesn't have time to mess with this problem.
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Well I called the auto parts and was told a bulb was 13 bucks unless it's a GTI then it takes a special bulb. Does your sister have a GTI?If she does it may be the new ballast operated type I'm not sure because I haven't seen one lately.If it is it won't be cheap and they require special service precautions.Subaru and GM suggest or require(model dependent)ballast replacement at the same time.I just did a GMC Jimmy/Envoy parts were over 800 bucks.Hope it's the regular bulb but if it was it should have been a twist out type socket.
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darrell McCoy
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There are reasons for "Dealer replacment" Parts.
If you do not have the proper instruction manual on some of these items, you can spend a lot of trial and error money.
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Antony W. Serio
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"Does your sister have a GTI?"

Fortunately not. She has a four door automatic. I think it's a GL. I want to help her get this fixed before she gets a ticket. She lives three miles from campus, so she is driving every day, often after dark. We already have the bulb, we're just trying to figure out how to swap it out.
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mike from nj
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if there's tools involved, it's going to be a big job i think, unless it's a fuse.

my wife's 98 jetta GL---uses a standard '9004' bulb, unplug the wire clip, give the big nut 1/4 turn and the bulb falls out. make sure it's in all the way before you tighten the nut, and make double sure you tighten the nut all the way, or the hot bulb will melt itself right through the entire housing--and that is a dealer only item$

also, don't touch the new bulb's glass at all with your fingers, not even a tiny bit, or you will be doing it again real soon, now that you're done practicing.

let us know what happens.
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your vehicle will use an H7 bulb. do a cross check at any local autoparts store. replacement time is less than 10 minutes.

FYI - Part numbers for your bulbs.
US/Canada-Spec. Golf/GTI Headlight Bulbs
H7: Low Beam
H7: High Beam
3457: Turn Signal
W5W or 168: City Light (Parking Light)
H3: Fog
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Antony W. Serio
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Thanks for the info. I was able to dig up a Chiltons manual for her car. The procedure for the right side wasn't too bad at all. Everything was held in with a few clips. However, if the left headlight bulb had gone out, I would have had to remove the battery and the ductwork for the air filter assembly. Nasty work that would have been. For that, I would have needed a dozen torx drivers of various sizes, a torque wrench that measured in cm/kg, a cutting torch, two trained Koalas and three kilos of fresh Eucalyptus leaves . Seriously, it would have been far more trouble than most people would be willing do deal with. I've had to pull the a battery and half dismantle the bracing for my engine compartment to change a headlight bulb before- it's not fun. All I can say is that I'm glad it's not my car, and I wish it wasn't my sister's. Too bloody complex for my tastes.

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