Possible Spark Plug Misfire


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Possible Spark Plug Misfire

My 1992 Taurus Wagon is possibly misfiring a spark plug, or could just need a tune-up. The car had a tube from the air filter line to the oil spout come loose. My wife noticed a decrease in power and surges in power. My garage took care of the tube with new clamps, but the car seems to have a “power surge” when my foot is on the break waiting for a light. It almost seems like a tire problem, but the car is at a light, and my foot is on the break. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Would a tune-up be the right first step? I figure that the problem with the tube may have thrown the timing off. Is this possible? The car has not been tuned in quite a while. Does anyone need more info?
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I would check the IAC valve assembly,try cleaning it but it may just be bad.There are some Ford only guys here that may offer more advice to you also.
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The MAF SENSOR is right behind that hose that came off. If that hose was off it could have contaminated the MAF SENSOR. Take the sensor off and you will see 2 small wires in the MAF SENSOR housing. Take some carb cleaner and spray the wires off. Then take the Negative Battery cable off and leave it off for about an hour. This will re-set KAM = keep alive memory. That ROLLING IDLE should stop.


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