timing or valvas?


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Question timing or valvas?

I just replaced tha head gaskets on my wifes 93 Camarro with a 3.4 v6. I also cleanned and lapped the valves. After I got it all back together it has a bad rattle in the valve area. I was carefull not to mix any parts from there original location so that everything would be in the exact same place it came from. I wasnt sure on how tight the rockers were supposed to be, so i did as I was told and tightend them only till there was no play in the rockers, and no tighter. Are they too tight, or not tight enough? Also there is some oil seepage from the left exhuast manifold. Is the timing off as well? I need someones theory of what i did wrong and how to fix it or if I could even fix it at all. Id check the timing but cant seem to locate the timing tab. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Sincerly, littlejoe
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look here,you can find the valve adjustment procedure and timing procedures.

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