How careful to be with a car battery?


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How careful to be with a car battery?

Knowing the battery is full of acid and having heard of car batteries exploding I get so darn nervious working with them.

Everytime I change the battery its like the 4th of July when reattaching the terminals.

Just how careful does one have to be when working with a car battery?
What is it that would actually cause a car battery to explode?
Would the sparks from reattaching the terminal cause an explosion?
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I do know that batteries release some explosive gas (I forget, hydrogen maybe?) and obviously they have acid (this should stay in the battery though) I think you should always connect the + first and then the - wire. It could be the other way around though Anywho, someone more knowledgable will answer soon Replacing a battery should not be dangerous. Make sure you have good ventilation (trying to do this in a small, hot, stuffy garage probably isn't the safest.) and connect the wires in the correct wire (but I don't know for sure which comes first.) then you should be safe You should wear gloves too.
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I have used a memory saver, plugs in cig. liter, to keep memory on things. Thinks radio shack or any auto store has them. I, to remove battery, remove - and then +, ----replacing, hook + side and then - side. Use safety glasses for your protection. Nothing that will ignite fumes near, and last but not least. dont get it hooked up backwards. OUCH.....
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There's a little "saying" that goes with this.."Red on first, Off last"

Red, being the posative cable/connection..
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I saw someone jump a car with the polarity backwards (-to+ and +to-) Sparks flew but luckily he did not ruin anything in his car. How confusing that must be for some people, with other batteries, you connect - to +. But cars have to be different lol
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mike from nj
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if you have sparks when hooking up the battery, then something is on somewhere.

take the keys out of the ignition, take the underhood lightbulb out, make sure anything else that can be on, is off, alarms included (unplug the fuse or module)

there is hydrogen inside the battery, and a spark (or a cigarette)too close to the vent is all you would need to make a Hindenburg. i've only seen it twice (not to me) it's a very loud bang, and the whole top of the battery blows off. yes, acid goes everywhere (and that stuff burns).

always wear safety glasses or at least look away.

it's been said correctly, but i'll say it again.

black, (-), negative off first, then the red, (+), positive off last.

+ on first, - on last.

and clean the terminals good too while you're there.

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