check engine light


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check engine light

1990 Geo Tracker, 120000 miles. Check engine light is on. How do I read the codes for it. Additionally once the repair is complete how do I reset the light. Disconnecting the battery does not seem to work, nor does removing the tail/dome lamp fuse.

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Easiest way? Stop in at an AutoZone parts store if therre's one in your area. They'll scan the codes for free. It'll be OBD-I, so you may also be able to read them yourself, but you'll need to pick up a repair manual for the procedure (Haynes or Chilton). Already checked the autolibrary link and it's not covered there.

Disconnecting the battery SHOULD reset the light on an OBD-I vehicle unless the problem, whatever it is, immediately resets the light when you reconnect the battery and start it up.
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I almost think on those old ones. the light would come on, on scheduled intervals. There is a little switch behind the dash, near the steering column, above the driver's feet. If u can find it, flip it!
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I agree with bigguy05641 , my 85 vw jetta had that and came on at intervals, your suppose to get it serviced then. But usally there is a reset button. check in the Haynes book to find it. That's where I found mine. Not the Chilton.
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Go to this website and click on trouble codes and then GM. This will get you in the ball park....
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According to Alldata you plug a spare fuse into a particular location in the fuse box to retrieve the codes. This I would assume means flash codes. Count the flashes of the Check Engine light.
There is a cancel switch behind an access panel below the steering column. Flip it to off and it will reset. The light comes on at 50k, 80k, and 100k for service intervals.
The tail/dome lamp fuse is the correct fuse to remove to reset the check engine light if there are stored codes. Ignition must be OFF, pull the fuse for 20 seconds and then replace the fuse.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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