Trouble shooting software


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Trouble shooting software

Is there some software out there that you can hookup your auto or truck computer to your home computer or laptop and diagnous the problem. That is without spending an arm and leg for.....
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A tech II, which is a hand held scan tool used by GM technicians to troubleshoot is available to the general public. I think they are are around 3 grand. And then you would need access to the techline websites and service information websites to be able to use it. I think you would need to purchase a dealership for this privilige. So I think the answer is, no, there isn't .
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If it was that easy, why would they need us? There are no quick fixes in this day and age. Years of experience or a LOT of research or both is what it takes.
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the chrysler scan tool can be run in 'generic scan tool' mode, and about all you can do with that is read other manufacturer's codes and erase them. same cost as a Tech 2, and same requirements for weekly updates, it needs to be in a dealer and hooked up to the main system.

what kind of car are you looking to work on? one in particular?

anything pre 95 can usually be fixed with a voltmeter and a very good book.

i know of one such program as you are looking for, it was designed for one specific application, but the guy who made it found out that other vehicles can be used too with this--like late 80's early 90's GM vehicles, and it is only a scan tool program, no diagnostic steps or troubleshooting. how you interpret the data is the aquired skill these guys are talking about.

here's the link if you're curious:

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