gear ratio


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gear ratio

I have a 2003 chevy 1500hd crew cab 4x4 automatic. How do I find out what kind on rearend ratio I have?
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check the line ticket in your glove box. Look for either GT4 or GT5 in the listing.

GT4= 3.73

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gt5 gear ratio

Is it possible to lower the ratio to make it more of a highway gear. What kind of improvement could I expect if I lowered the ratio? I really don't pull anything with the truck except maybe a 4 wheeler. I'm trying to improve the gas mileage on the truck without damaging anything. Also could you tell me how expensive this would be if I could do it myself. How would this affect the 4 wheel drive?
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mike from nj
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more throttle=more gas
as the speedo goes up---the gas guage goes down
i can pass anything but a gas station.
(all sayings i've heard)

you would need to change both gears, in the front axle and back or you wouldn't make it around the block in 4wd without breaking something expensive in the transfer case, and if you need to ask if you can do it, you can't. (do it yourself)

and after all this you might not even realize an increase in gas mileage, maybe 1 mpg i'm guessing.

that's the way all v8's are, you're moving a big heavy weight around, and it takes gas to do it.

if you want to see a gas pig, drive a v10

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