Sparking on plugwires


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Sparking on plugwires

I have a 94 Pontiac grand prix it started running rough and using gas, i know t needs a tune up but i told my husband about the sparking coming from a wire he took it off and cleaned it but then when he started it the spark was coming from the other plug next to it and not from the first one so he got new wires and put them on and now it's not getting up to speed and it sounds like a knocking noise in it when you give it gas, something is really wrong, he say's somethig about the plugs were arching but now it's not running right,can anyone give me any info? Thanks
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spark and stufff...

the ignition system is a marriage of different components working together...when one fails, it leaves the door open for damage to other components. Your wires failed either due to lack of maintenance or poor quality...or possibly lack of maintenance of something else, most likely the plugs. Both the plugs and wires have maintenance intervals that should be followed so it's likely that the plugs should have been changed as well. Now that the wires have been changed, a coil may be damaged or could have been during all the arcing going on. Your husband should go back over his work and see if he possibly got some wires crossed as they go on specific terminals on the coils (they're numbered as to which cylinder they go to). if that is ok, it's probably best sorted out by a professional...and you should expect that it may be expensive to get that ignition system back to top shape. good luck...
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remember when you replace plug wires, use OEM or aftermarket of same quality. Cheaper wires just dont get it sometime. You didnt by chance get the old cable type wires did you. Makes a difference.
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If the wires were arcing from inside either boot.The plug end or coil end both components must be changed together.I think your husband crossed some wires.If there are traces of black powder or black lines on the coils aand or plugs they must be replaced.The black is carbon and conducts electricity quite nicely causing misfires.This is why both components need to be replaced.
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"not getting up to speed" and "knocking noise" ?
This sounds definitely like a wrong firing order and I am sure davo is correct when he says that there are some crossed plug wires.
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He swithed the wires and still the same thing, someone told him that it could be the power pack or maybe Autozone gave him some defected wires, he said he knows he didn't cross the wires because he took one by one off so that he wouldn't get them on wrong, he said both plugs are on the same piece i guess they are two on each thing and his friend said that the pack thing could be worn out, by the way what is a coil? sorry but i'm a woman and don't work on cars so i don't know anythig about parts, i just need my car, have you ever seen a woman go without a car for so long, i'm getting bored at home and not being able to just go for a ride. Thanks for your info, i'll let you all now what happens.
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It sounds like it got worse after the wire installation. My vote is the wires are on wrong.
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If you are sure no wires are crossed.Swap 2 coils between cylinders and see if the misfire moves.If it does its the coil,if it doesn't its the ignition control module.this assumes he knows which 2 cylinders are dead.
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The "pack" that you are asking about is the "coil PACK" On the 6 cylinder engine there are 3 of them. Each one controls 2 cylinders (spark plugs). One way to test the coils is by grounding out the cylinders . To do this take a test light and attach the alligator clip to the negative battery terminal. Stick the pointed end into the end of the spark plug boot and be sure to contact the tip of the spark plug. If the engine starts to shudder and act like it wants to stall then you know that that cylinder is firing.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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Somewhat fixed

My husband pulled out the plugs and found them corroded, he changed them and it's running better, he just can't get to the 3 in the back of the motor, i had called a repair shop and they want $125 just to do it, we have the parts and still they want $125 but at least it's running half way decent, thank all of you for your help, i'll probably be back in here for help on my gear shift because of it being hard to get into gear. Again thank you all. Wishing you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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