how to fix a big dent and repaint?!


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ignorant gary
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Unhappy how to fix a big dent and repaint?!

hello out there to all in this wonderful forum! I just bought a 97 hyundai accent gt for 900 dollars with a major rear suspension problem, a broken door handle,a valve problem and A HALF FIXED DENT JUST ABOVE THE FRONT LEFT WHEEL WELL MORE TOWARDS THE HEADLIGHT. It was banged out and filled with some orange stuff about 3 years ago! and never completed. The fill is now a little crackly. It is cracking a bit in the middle of the fill patch. do I need to give it another coat of fill, HOW?!! And then, once i do that, do
i buff it out?! With what?! and how do I paint it?! Thank you to anyone who can help me! Hope to hear from you soon.
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darrell McCoy
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I wouldnt even fool with the existing fender. Get another one some place. As far as paint, matching is only one problem you will have. Have you priced paint, thinner, fisheye eliminator, hardener and clearcoat for the job? A qt of paint will do the job, but thinner I believe is only sold by the gallon. Price all this first and then see if you want to do it yourself.
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Darrell is exactly correct. The fender is way too cheap to spend the time it will take to fix the one you have. Check out and see if they have a location near you. Depending on if you have a sedan or hatchback, my book states the price of that fender is from $30.00 to just over $100.00. This will make it much easier to get a fair price from a body shop to paint it, and you will most likely save money in the long run letting someone else do it. What are the other problems with the car?

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