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Fuel Filter


My car (2001 Chevy Malibu) has what I believe to be a bad fuel pump. What I would like to know, is there any way for me to test the fuel pump, or do I have to buck up and pay the $100 it will cost to get it checked out? I will be replacing this fuel pump myself since the cost of replacement is $850-$950! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You'll need a pressure guage to connect to get a proper reading.

What makes you suspect the fuel pump on such a relatively new vehicle?
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Please describe the problem with as much detail as possible this allows us to help you.Background on what has been done or checked will also help.
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I had to replace the fuel pump at about 40,000 and now I am at 72,000 miles. I started the car, drove a mile to the gas station, filled the tank, and when I went to go start the car, I got nothing. I know that usually there are symptoms for fuel pump failure, but this is exactly how it happened the first time. One minute it works, the next it doesn't. When I turn the cars power on, I hear not even a peep from the fuel pump.
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I have a fuel pressure tester. Not quite sure what to do from here as far as checking the fuel pump. I know that it is kind of rare to have to replace 2 fuel pumps in a year. Thanks again for the responses.
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get your friendly rubber mallet out and start banging on the bottom of the gas tank while someone is cranking the engine. aim for the center.

if it starts, time for another pump. if not--let us know.

i would either drive it, or let it idle until the tank was down to 1/8th tank or less, this makes the job so much easier and safer.

this time, look inside at the bottom of the tank (with a flashlight only!) for any sediment or even metal flakes or dust. this will eat a pump in no time flat. it wouldn't be too hard right now to take a big rag and clean the whole thing out.

use a new sock on the bottom of the pump (a pre-filter) and don't buy the cheapest pump you can find. stick with a big name brand. lack of quality shows up in price and reliability here.

maybe put a fuel pressure gauge on it and measure the pressure when you're done, i've seen repeated pump failures traced to a frozen regulator, the pressure was over 100 psi.

always, always replace the filter, even if it's 1 week old, always replace it when replacing a pump.

let us know.

wait, i just remembered 'davo' and 'bigguy' saying they've seen spread terminals on the fuel pump connectors, maybe try squeezing the terminals down a little to make better contact or hit the dealer's parts counter for a new connector to solder in. (i'm not deleting everything i just typed) check all this out.
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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to update you on my situation. On Saturday, I replaced my fuel pump (and oh it was fun) and my vehicle is now back on the road. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Take note that cHEVY mALIBUS' have fuel pump failure frequently, as I heard from others and obviously knowing myself first hand. Thanks again.
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