Delayed Acceleration on 1995 Mitsubishi Galant LX


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Question Delayed Acceleration on 1995 Mitsubishi Galant LX

This Mitsubishi Galant 1995 LX with Over-drive is in otherwise good shape(no leaks - just some squeaking noise from the drive belts especially in cold weather, disappears after the engine has been running a while). Every time I start the car, there is a delay in acceleration, and it almost feels like the engine is not responding to the gas pedal. After a short while, it picks up speed and the problem does not recur until after the car slows down to a stop and has to start again. The engine revs strongly when in park. I am planning to change the spark plugs because the power problem may be because of dead spark plugs(they have not been changed in a while - and the car just hit 95K miles). Could you please let me know if there could be another cause for the problem(eg dirty injector, etc) Davo, I know you will nail this one on the head. Also, what do you recommend I do about the squeaking drive belt pulleys? I saw a mechanic and he adviced that I get Belt dressing coz there was nothing wrong with the drive belts in his opinion.
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Check your intake air hose, and all other vacuum lines on the car. You could have a vacuum leak. I have seen this before. Many cars have come into my shop with the intake hose just loose where the last person took it loose for whatever reason and didnt re-tighten it. Its sucking too much air and will not run worth diddly.
I like to use silicone spray on a squeaking belt. First you might want to check to the tension on it. Some of these cars require a specific amount of tension and if it is too tight or too loose this will happen. Most times if the belt is squeaking it hs gotten a little glazed and some spray will help.
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