Help in R&R lower ball joints 97 ford explorer 4X4


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Unhappy Help in R&R lower ball joints 97 ford explorer 4X4

I'm trying to R&R lower ball joints on a 97 ford explorer 4X4! Does anyone have experience doing so? If so, do I need to remove the lower control arm to do so or is there a better way? I have the chilton's manual on this but it is leaving some unanswered questions because the ball joint procedure is for the earlier model explorers with the I-Beam front suspension!!

Thanks Desi501, Yup I rented a balljoint press, and yes I'm doing this so I can can an alignment done afterwards to protect some new tires! I do have the Chilton's manual on this! It is just not stating the ball joint removal well for this 4x4 suspension!

Thanks sdsdoog2, but I have a different front end! The lower ball joint is installed on the lower control arm!

Thanks billys68ss, but they are serviceable, just needing some help on the best way to get at them to replace them! Trying to do so without have to do all the work of removing the torsion bar and lower control arm, but it looks like that might be the only way!

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I beam suspension????.....Wouldn't that be 2 wheel drive?

There's usually some pressing involved so if your trying this for the first time and not equipped well, you may want to pass on this one. You'll also need a wheel alignment after since the ball joints are the camber/caster adjustment.
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The ball joints come out with the hub. The most time consuming part is to remove the Rotor and spindle asm. Than pull the axle out and remove the tie rod end fron knuckle . Remove the upper and lower ball joint nuts and the knuckle will go down than out. Once it is out there is snap rings holding them in the knuckle. they only cone out in one direction however a press, ball jiont press or hammer and drift can be used to get them out. Think 97' are like this.
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The lower ball joints on this vehicle are not serviceable. The entire control arm will need to be replaced to change the ball joints.
Hope this is what you wanted to know.

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