ATF Types


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ATF Types

I have a 2001 Dodge Durango. I need to drain & refill the transfer case. It calls for ATF #4. All I can find is ATF #3. Does anyone known the diff. between #3 & #4?
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You need Mopar ATF +4, Type 9602, Automatic Transmission Fluid. Part # 05013457AA Do not use ATF +3. You can use ATF +4 in applications that call for +3 but not the other way around. It sucks that it is a dealer item but I'm not sure who sells an equivalent right now. I see other companies make it but who knows who actually caries it.
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The dealer is the ONLY place to get the ATF+4. The part number Yamaha listed is for the quart size bottle. There is also a gallon size bottle available. Part number is 05013458AA. ATF+4 is also the factory authorized replacement fluid for power steering systems on Chrysler vehicles.

Well I just found an online source for purchasing the ATF+4 fluid, and supposedly at a cheaper price than the dealer ($5.38 per quart). The site is They dont list the gallon bottle.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

According to some tests I recently read these are just some of the advantages of using ATF+4 over any other fluid in a Chrysler transmission.

Better anti-wear properties
Improved rust/corrosion prevention
Controls oxidation -Eliminates deposits
Controls friction
Superior low temperature operation

You can read about it here:

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by time you pay for shipping, it will be about the same price. i know the place with the big red 'DODGE' sign sells it.

you should only need a quart and a half, that leaves you with a half quart to top off your trans and p/s fluid.

don't forget the front and rear axles too, the rear especially.

+3 is conventional
+4 is synthetic and has a unique smell
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+3 has a very unique smell also. You can really tell if the right fluid is in there while draining the fluid.

I've never smelled +4.

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