98 Mitsubishi Diamante V6 intermitently dies while in gear


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Question 98 Mitsubishi Diamante V6 intermitently dies while in gear

98 Mitsubishi Diamante, initially I took it to a local repair shop because it would die when put in gear. Ran fine in park and nutrel. Sometimes would run a day or 2 without dieing. Sometimes would not stay running as soon as put into reverse or drive immediately after initial startup. So I took it to the shop, they replaced an ignition wire. Ran fine for 1 day. Day 2, same problem was back. Took it back to shop. This time the check engine light came on. They said they couldn't fix it, didn't know what was wrong. Brought it home, sat in the drive for 38 hours. I tried to start it and now the battery is completely dead. Jumped it, and it started. Possibly the alternator, but the lights do not go dim while running. Possibly the battery? Could these things cause my initial problem ?
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If the check engine light was on they should have at the very least told you what the code was. Did they give you any documentation? What was their reason for not being able to fix it? If you didnt get anything telling you what the code was then take it to Auto Zone and get the codes read for free and report back here what you found out. Then we can go from there.

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