car smoking


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Unhappy car smoking

i have a 1983 cadillac deville with a rebuilt engine in it my problem is after i start it up for a while it start to smoke bad the color of the smoke it white and it have a funny smell coming from the exhaust pipe and the power steering cut will not hold fluid i have to keep putting in fluid can some one help me out
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The white smoke with a funny smell is probably anti-freeze getting into the combustion area due to maybe leaking head gasket or cracked block.

The power steering you need to pinpoint the leak and repair it.
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I agree it also sounds like a possible head gasket problem.

How new is this engine?? What is the vehicles history? Did you overheat it?
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is it a 4.1L engine, is it overheating too, is anything in the radiator that's green?

(punctuation too)
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Yes. Antifreeze is green. Probably a headgasket problem.

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