Periodic loss of power in 95 pathfinder


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Periodic loss of power in 95 pathfinder

95 Pathfinder, v6 engine, manual transmission, about 96k miles.

This past weekend (very damp), I noticed a significant loss of power pretty much across all gears, speeds and rpms. Holding the gas pedal constant, the car started losing speed as if it was suddenly towing something heavy or going uphill. I gave it slightly more gas and it continued to bog. Then I pushed the pedal pretty far and the car lurched with power, as if it just woke up.

I had an 85 sentra years ago that had the same symptions. It turned out to be the spark plug wires.

What are the lowest cost fixes I can make to this car before bringing it to a shop? I was thinking spark plug wires, new plugs, dry gas, fuel injector cleaner, fuel filter, o2 sensor...

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brief description...

...from your brief description it sounds like the fuel filter would be the cheapest thing to give you the symptoms you have described. whatever you do, don't go hog wild with injector can damage the very expensive injectors by over using/misusing this product.

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