Poor Compression


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Poor Compression

My wifeís í91 Ford Escort with man. trans & 1900 cc engine (125,000 mi.)has developed a miss. Initially, the miss was only noticeable at idle, but it now has an occasional miss on acceleration. I replaced the ignition cables and spark plugs. If I had not already purchased new plugs I would not have replaced them as the old ones looked fine Ė no wear. All four were clean and uniform. Well, this didnít help the situation. I had my mechanic check it out. He did a compression check and said that one of the cylinders checked about 50 lbs. lower than the others. Oil squirted down the hole didnít raise the compression which tells me it is probably not the rings, and more likely a burned valve and/or seat. After all this, my question is : I have been planning on replacing this car soon. Will I recoup the expense of a head rebuild in selling the car outright, or should I just sell it as it is, taking a lower price for the car? (I will be paying my local mechanic to do the valve job.)
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How much for the valve job?
What would it sell for asis/fixed
Most mechanics in my area are a bit pricey, and I probably wouldn't recoup the money in an increase in selling price
At over 10 yrs and 125 mi it's only worth so much
But it would be much easier and quicker to sell fixed
It's a tough call
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I would check for a loose rocker arm or collapsed lifter before pulling the head.Anyhow if it needs a valve job you will most likely not be able to recoup your cost on the sale of the car.
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I have to agree. These cars are a dime a dozen and notorious head gasket eaters. Best thing is to drop it as soon as possible or fix it and keep it awhile longer.
Hard choice.

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